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Grow your brand with handcrafted Influencer Management. That means that you maintain the authentic voice of your brand across campaigns

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We combine influencer engagement with Digital PR for effective brand visibility.

Influence Now

For Brands.

Tap into engaged niche audiences to maximize brand reach and ROI through authentic human connections. Influence NOW enables you to connect with influencers in Kenya and beyond to effectively deliver your message and reach your KPIs.

What makes Influence NOW different is the fact that we don’t inhumanly automate influencer selection and relations, we handcraft everything and that means that we maintain the authentic voice of your brand across campaigns.

Tap into PR and media relations opportunities with our customized services in digital PR that spans the breadth of Press releases, Reviews, Interviews, Lifestyle content, media appearances, and much more. We collaborate with both digital and traditional media outlets to deliver your message to the right audiences.

Influence Now

Tap into 100+ Influencers in East Africa.

Tap into 30+ Media Houses for your Digital PR in East Africa.

Influence Now

For Influencers

Collaborate with brands to create magic. Meet new brands looking to create with you. We value relationships and that’s the heart of what we do; authentically creating relationships between influencers, brands, and audiences for shared prosperity.

Influence Now

Trusted by Brands

Why Choose Us?

Why do it?

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” - Seth Godin

At Influence NOW, we take the essence that is your brand and match it with influencers that match your brand values and messaging - enabling users to authentically interact with your brand and share a genuine interest in your business.

We believe brands and businesses should take advantage of influencer marketing to reach a niche and targeted audience that would otherwise have been more expensive to reach through other means.

What We Do?

What we can do for you.

Influencer Selection

Thanks to our in-house team, we have tools and human relationships that enable us to carefully select the right influencers for your brand. For us, every brand needs a human touch and we believe our hand-crafted processes give your brand that authentic connection to influencers.

Influencer Relations

We maintain great relations with influencers on behalf of brands across markets. Our little black book is composed of micro-influencers through to social superstars and celebrities.

Influencer Seeding & Gifting

We create bespoke seeding campaigns that get your product into the hands of the correct influencers.

Influencer Campaign Management

We manage influencer campaigns from start to finish. From contracting the influencers to signing off on content before it goes live.

Campaign Measurement & Reporting

Our post-campaign analysis focuses on the full-funnel measurement of impact.

Influencer Followership Verification

We will verify whether an influencer has legitimate followers and their demographics.

Assured Brand Safety

We ensure your brand is placed along with appropriate content to assure the safety of your brand’s reputation.

Press Releases

Get in front of the right audiences and build trust through press releases.

Media Relations

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How We Do It?

Our influencer marketing process is as easy as A-B-C:



Assess your brand to understand the essence, mission, and core message to be shared.


Brand Awareness/Engagement

Set out the campaign objective, either Brand awareness/engagement, Sales or Campaign reach.



Our team of creators come up with engaging and winning influencer campaigns, with a focus on the type of influencer relevant for the campaign: Micro-influencers, Bloggers, Social Media Stars, Celebrities, Industry Experts, Thought Leaders, Customers and Noncompeting Brands.



Come up with a fitting budget based on the deliverables and campaign objectives. We then reach out to the short-listed influencers.


End User Content

Develop content together with the influencers that will be shared with you for final approval.


Finalize and Launch

Launch the campaign on social media and monitor performance from both our end and the influencers’ end.


Graphs and Reports

Share a data-rich report on how the campaign performed, user sentiments, what demographic performed best, and what could be done better going forward.

Influence Now

What’s the depth of our offering?

  • Twitter Trending hashtag campaigns.
  • Influencer Brand Mention campaigns.
  • Social Media Takeover.
  • Partnered Social media Campaigns.
  • Host Giveaways.
  • Product seeding/ PR Packages.
What Platforms do we cover?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

How do we measure ROI?

We also combine organic reach with paid media to amplify your influencer campaigns, therefore, ensuring maximum engagement, brand lift & recall.

Our Community

Reach out & we can collaborate on your next campaign.

The core of Influencer Marketing lies in building a solid relationship to ensure mutual value creation.

Let us help you build these solid relationships through our effective influencer marketing campaigns.

Contact us today on: strategic@growthpad.co.ke to get started.

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